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Best Free IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks

Today I will share some of the best Free IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks. I will tell you some of the best Cydia tweaks which you can get right now that are absolutely free and these include a couple of brand new ones that you haven’t seen before. So let’s get into it and of course you guys do need to be Jailbroken.

Free IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks


Love them or hate them you can get IOS 10’s new look of the Emojis right now. So not only are the icons changed completely, there’s a ton of new Emojis namely of course the water gun Emoji so Apple is playing safe this time around by including a water gun Emoji and I got to say I loved this one.

Now unless the other person is on IOS 10 and you send these Emoji, they are just going to see the old style so keep this in mind. It will make your EMOJIS bigger just like they are in iOS 10. Once again keep in mind this is only on your end so it will appear much bigger to you but when you send it to someone it won’t be so its just bigger on your end but it dows look good.

Nude Keys

Nude keys has just gone free. So this is one of my favorite cydia tweaks which is now one hundred percent free. It will change the look of your keyboard in a gradient color so you can choose the top color, bottom color and will blend them together very well. it is so so nice and the color combinations are unbelievable. it really looks good the more diverse you get but get this really cool effect on your keyboard with nude keys.


Cylinder is a must have for anyone new to jail breaking. It add effects when you swipe in between pages and they really are endless with cylinder. It’s a completely free replacement to barrel and you have so many effects

Haptic Feedback

So just like that feature apple introduced in iOS 10, where when you would press the power button haptic feedback can gives you the tactile feedback on button press and its actually really nice feeling. You press the home button, press the volume buttons and you get the feeling immediately knowing that it was activated it just feels really nice so that’s haptic feedback.


Rocket For Instagram

Here is rocket for Instagram. It’s like insta better but better. So this one actually introduces features for the new stories features that allows you to save them, view them anonymously by using a little button. Not only that of course you can hold onto photos you can zoom into them, save them. I mean it’s just an all-around huge Instagram hack and that’s what’s awesome about or even view profile pictures just by holding on them. Very very diverse tweak definitely better than insta better.

So the were some the best Free IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks. Let us know about your favourite


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