How to Easily Fix Common Problems in iOS 10

ios 10

IOS 10 is live, and it is available with all incredible range of new features. However, Apple does not guarantee the functionality of these features, and they are available with some issues or bugs. The iOS 10 experience will be ideal, so following are the common problems which you need ...

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Change your Life With the iOS 10 Awesome Features

iOS 10 Awesome Features

You will be aware of the fact that the new iPhone and the iOS are packed with the amazing features. It owns great functionalities and is integrated with the various third party app. iOS 10 Awesome Features let the user explore favorite whistles and bells. So find out the amazing and ...

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Best iOS Apps of 2016

best ios apps

2016 is about to end, and if you are an iPhone user and have not used any of its best apps then, you surely need to try them now. The New Year will be flooded with amazing applications, so it is best to update your lifestyle with the Apple apps. ...

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How to Make your iPhone Productive By Using Widgets


Widgets are popular right after Android phones. They help to make the screen and your phone more productive. Otherwise, it would be very hard to manage various apps on the home screen. They are introduced because of some important reason and have many advantages. They help to save battery life ...

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How to Download & Use Google Duo

google duo

Using iOS came with some perks. You would get things built-in that were a bit harder to find elsewhere. Facetime is one of those things that’s probably the best video chat service out there but we all know people who either don’t want or don’t have an iPhone, so they ...

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