Today I will tell you about the latest method of how to Install iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak. So this is an updated version of the old methods. The steps have changed a little bit but it is so ridiculously easy to jailbreak now. I am going to clarify a couple things to you but just so you know this is the one year method. So this jailbreak will last exactly one year from the time you will use it. You don’t need a computer and it is ridiculously simple. So let’s go ahead and jailbreak your device.

How To Install iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

So all you need is an internet connection for the first part of this. You don’t need to be connected to the internet for anything else jailbreak related, just for installing the jailbreak. I have to tell you guys this is a semi tethered jailbreak. So if your battery dies or you restart your device, none of your tweaks will work. So let’s go ahead and install iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak.

  1. Take your device which is completely Stock on jailbroken. Then go ahead and run latest jailbreak. On your safari browser go to  jailbreak.com. You have to be using safari, don’t use anything like chrome or any other browser. So online jailbreak.com is very simple. You know like a month ago I would have thought that this was a scam but believe it or not this is the working deal.
  2. Click on install, it will ask you to go ahead and install the PP jailbreak apps. it’s going to be on our spring board right now. Here’s a catch, you have to put your device into airplane mode before it finishes installing. If you have cellular data connection or if you are on Wi-Fi, you have to completely disconnect to the connection before this finishes installing.
  3. So as soon as it says installing instead of loading, you need to pop into airplane mode. So you should be ready because you will get very short amount of time before you have to redo the process. It is absolutely alright, you can redo this however many times you need.
  4. So when this installation is half completed and it will say installing, then you have to flip it into airplane mode. Very interesting but it still doesn’t work a hundred percent, I can guarantee you. So after this, pop it into airplane mode and if you did it right if you timed it right, it will install.
  5. Now if you didn’t timed it right, the app will be grayed out and it will say ‘’retry’’. You need to delete the app completely, go back and reinstall. Then to go ahead and POP into airplane mode again. You can’t click retry as that will not work if you don’t get it the first time to delete it and try again.
  6. Now you have it. Go ahead and reconnect to the internet and if you try to open that it will say untrusted developers. So you need to go into settings, then go to general scroll down to device management and tap on trust this source. So it will now say ‘trusted’. I told you before that it is one year certificate so now it is verified for one year.
  7. Now you can go ahead and open the downloaded app. Once you are in here make sure to say yes to notifications. It won’t send you notifications as part of the jailbreak. Click on the big circle, stay on the screen for about 10 to 15 seconds because I found out that it does help with the success of the jailbreak. Now let’s go ahead and lock the device.
  8. If you guys aren’t on 9.3.3 for whatever reason you should update right now but anyways you will notice that some text will appear on the screen. Don’t do anything, don’t click any buttons, just leave it. It will take about one to two minutes and your device will restart. After its done you will see Cydia, you will have the whole jailbreak running on your device. So don’t click anything it will restart automatically.
  9. As I was saying if you guys are on anything lower than 9.3.3 just update your device tonight. You will have all the latest fixes and a jailbreak. So after restart is done, we can slide over and see that CYDIA is installed once again. No computer method is still working, that is amazing.
  10. So this should continue to work. There is no reason for this to stop working just because we are not officially installing it. We glitch our device with the airplane mode method and it will go ahead and install the PP jailbreak.
  11. So now open up Cydia and there is one thing in here that you need to do. Just as soon as it does finish refreshing reloading the date, you need to go ahead and install Apple File Conduit. So search for Apple file and you want to install Apple File Conduit 2. When you find it just install it. This is one hundred percent important. This allows your device to go into safe mode and that is absolutely necessary, so make sure you install this. This needs to be the first thing you install using this jailbreak.
  12. So we are going to restart the spring board and in a minute we will be completely done. You can now begin installing tweaks, themes and all the good stuff. Remember you have to restart your device or your battery dies.
  13. You will notice that Cydia crashes, it will not open. Your tweaks will not be active and your themes will not be active. That’s because every time you restart your device or your battery dies, you need to open up the app and inside you have to go click on the circle. Then wait for about like 10 to 15 seconds inside the app and then lock your device.
  14. So it will begin to re-Jailbreak the device and it’s something you have to do every time that happens your battery dies but that’s not a big deal. It takes 20 to 30 seconds maximum and you guys are back in the game so no problem. I just want to say that sometimes it takes two tries or more. If the first time doesn’t work you need to go back and redo it and it works the second time. I don’t know why but that’s just the way it is for some people.


Device That Are Supported To Install IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

So now the question is that which devices are supported to Install IOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak? if you have an iPhone 5s or above is the answer. iPhone 5 and the other older versions are not supported just yet. As for iPads, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4 are supported and the iPad air and above are supported so if you have the iPad 4 and below sorry but you guys are out of luck and the iPod touch 6th generation is the only one that can do this.

So there it is, the update guide on how to Install iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak without computer. Comment if you have any questions regarding this method.

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