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How To Unlock iPhone Without Password

Today I am going to tell you about an awesome trick that will help you to Unlock iPhone Without Password. Remember any iPhone can be unlocked with this method. So you can simply hack in somebody’s iPhone by simply bypassing the passcode. If you are trying to unlock your friend’s phone so when you type the wrong password a message will appear saying incorrect password and it will not allow you to see content through the iPhone.

So a bug is actually found in IOS 9 with the help of which you can simply bypass the passcode by using Siri. Therefore now you can unlock anyone’s iPhone and see the content through it by using this method. Anyway you can follow this method to unlock any iPhone.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Password

We are going to use Siri in order to bypass the passcode. So to access the Siri, hold the home button and Siri will come up. Then you have to communicate with Siri as I have shown below.

You: “Remind me”.

Siri:  “Ok, tell me what you want to be reminded about?”

You: “To eat a subway sandwich”.

  1. All right now you will see the Siri will set a reminder. Click on that Reminder so it will take you to the reminder app.
  2. Now click on the Sandwich then tap on Select All and then So when you click on the share you will see the all apps opened in front of you.
  3. Now you have to tap on the Messages. By tapping on it messages will appear.
  4. Now type any word and then press the Return Key.
  5. Tap on that word tap twice and it will take you to add new contact page.
  6. Then on this page, tap on Create New Contact.
  7. After that tap on Add New Photo.
  8. It will ask you the source from where you want to upload. Then tap on Choose Photos.
  9. By doing this it will take you to the photos app. As soon as you get into this press on Home Button.

So by doing the above steps your iPhone will be locked. This is the biggest bug found in iOS. So now you can do whatever you want to do with it. For any queries comment in the comment section. Let us know whether it worked for you or not.

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