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How to Make your iPhone Productive By Using Widgets

Widgets are popular right after Android phones. They help to make the screen and your phone more productive. Otherwise, it would be very hard to manage various apps on the home screen. They are introduced because of some important reason and have many advantages. They help to save battery life and are designed to provide various features to the user. However, they assist you not to miss anything. The weather widgets, calendar widgets are very useful and keeps you updated. The user spends less time on the screen because of the features in iOS are easily accessible. Find the best guide for the iOS 10 widgets.

How to customize iOS 10 widgets?

iOS has introduced many new and amazing features for its users. It has made the experience more useful and enjoyable. iOS 10 is packed with amazing features, hidden functionalities and plenty of integrations to explore. It has also added the upkeep for the app widgets, especially for the lock screen in iOS 10. These widgets help to interact more efficiently with the lock screen. There are many third party application which supports the widgets for users. iOS provides a great room for customization, so the following is the guide which lets you customize the widgets on your iOS 10.

Accessibility of widgets

The biggest changes introduced in iOS 10 widgets is removing the slide unlock feature. The users of iPhone are getting used to the behavior with this feature. Now when you swipe right from the lock screen, you will be able to access the widgets screen.

You must be well aware of the term widgets that are small apps which keep on running in the background. They help to provide the notifications even if the screen is off. The native widgets are Music, Maps, Phone favorites, Up next and more.

Just scroll down the widgets and select the most appropriate which suits your everyday life. They are useful to get a quick look at the appointments. The third party application widgets will only be manually enabled.

Unlock option

The iOS 10 has eliminated the slide to unlock option. However, you have to download the third party applications to use this feature again. So if you are on the lock screen, you will open the camera if you will swipe to the left. A list of new widgets will open if you will swipe to the right. This will let you customize the widgets. It lets you enjoy the music, manage the email notifications as well as weather information and much more. Some of the features are just a click away.

Notification widget

In the older version of iOS, you will be able to expand the information widgets by pulling the top down menu. Now Apple has provided fantastic feature by extending the information widgets for various notifications. The notification widget also includes the animations and things like live video.


Customization of widgets

  • So if you want to customize the widgets on your Lock Screen then scroll down to the bottom of the window and click EDIT.
  • Now you will be able to see the ADD WIDGETS menu. You can remove, rearrange and add the widgets of your choice. This is best to recognize your needs and add the widgets accordingly.
  • To remove the widgets, tap on MINUS sign and confirm. Just tap on the THREE LINES ICON and drag them to rearrange.

You will be able to find MORE WIDGETS at the bottom of the panel. You will see many available and unused widgets on the phone. Tap the PLUS sign to all them to the LOCK SCREEN. iOS 10 widgets are great to use. Many new features are added to increase the productivity of phone. Every widget will provide an advantage to you and keeps you reminding of upcoming events. The great solution with e features is available on the Lock Screen. The user will be able to customize the information quickly or even can change the settings according to their personal needs.

3D touch support

The new support added in the Apple phones is the 3D touch. The 3D touch depends on how hard and how long you press the notification or application. You will get access to different options. To open the app, you have to tap on it. If you want to access the functions or list of the menu then put a little pressure on the app. A pop-up menu will appear displaying the variety of options or the widget list. Just press a little harder to peek and pop into the messages or emails.

So try out the amazing iOS 10 widgets hack. Stay tuned for more iOS news.

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