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How to Restore iPhone Deleted Call History

Many iPhone users have to face the problems associated with their phone. The problems arise when they delete call history mistakenly and want it back to find a lost number. The case is entirely normal. Most importantly, we pick up a call from a random number and forget to save it. However, we lost the log and then do not know how to restore it. It is true that many device experts have introduced great ways. These hacks help thousands of people and allow them to recover important information. Now stop searching for help. We will help you to recover deleted call logs by using appropriate software. The detail guide on How to Restore iPhone deleted call history.

How to Restore iPhone Deleted Call History

Data recovery software for iPhone proves to be a reliable tool. It helps to restore iPhone deleted info which recovers the history without backup information. The data included outgoing calls, incoming and missed calls information. It also restores the deleted files like messages, notes, WhatsApp messages, attachments, calendar, reminder, call logs, photos and much more. The users can recover data by using three different modes.

  • Recovery from iTunes by backup
  • Recovery of information from iCloud backup
  • Recover data from iPhone.

The data recovery software helps to recover data from iPhone which is lost under particular circumstances such as device damaged, broken device, iOS update, restoring functions and much more.

Recover Directly from iPhone

As the iPhone data recovery software lets the user avail different data recovery modes. It restores data efficiently in a practical way. By using the software, you will come across options like

  • Recover from IOS device
  • Recover from iTunes Backup
  • Recover from iCloud Backup
  • Smart recovery

The option of Smart Recovery proves to be a reliable selection. It is designed specifically to restore data especially when you do not know the circumstance of data loss. However, if you are a new user then use recovery mode to select then clock on Smart recovery option.

Step by Step Guide

Following is the step by step guide. Make sure to follow the steps accurately.

Step 1

Run Program of data recovery on your computer. You have to install the software first. Now select the option of Recover from iOS device recovery mode. Now click on Start and start the process.

Step 2

Now select the Call History and scan the program. Connect your iPhone to computer and then select files for scanning process. Then Click Next.

The program will scan the device for deleted data or files when you click Scan.

Step 3

Now you will be able to view all the files, contacts, messages or variety of files which are deleted from iPhone after the scan is completed. Select appropriate data and click on Recover to the computer. This will allow you to save the data on your computer.

You can use other appropriate options according to your needs and requirements. The tutorial works and is safe to follow. Also share this amazing post of how to restore iPhone deleted call history.

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