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How to Reset iPhone 7 Password

How to Reset iPhone 7 Password

It is common to forget passwords, pattern or to face other associated problems with iPhone 7. Make sure to learn on how to reset the password when your iPhone 7 is locked. Many experts have introduced a variety of solutions plus have recommended having a hard factory reset which will delete data and files of phone. People who do not backup their files, it is efficient to use other ways to reset password to eliminate the consequences of losing files and data. The following guide will help you to teach different ways of How to reset iPhone 7 when it is locked.

Erase Data to Reset iPhone 7

If you have not backup the files or data, then it is impossible to save information on iPhone 7 plus. You have to reset password by erasing the data available on your phone.

  • If your iPhone is synced with iTunes, then you can use the iTunes method.
  • If iPhone 7 plus is signed with an iCloud, then you need to use Find my iPhone option available on iCloud.
  • If you do not use iCloud, then you have to use the recovery mode because you cannot connect or sync with iTunes.

Method to Erase iPhone 7

Step 1

Visit iCloud.comm/find. Use laptop or another device to visit the site.

Step 2

Sign in using an Apple ID.

Step 3

Now at the top of the browser, you will find select all devices.

Step 4

the device and erase data as well as a passcode.

Just tap on Erase device.

Step 5

Now you have select either set up as new or restore from backup.

If the device is not connected to a reliable WiFi connection, then you cannot erase phone with Find my iPhone.

Erase iPhone 7 by using iTunes

Step 1

Connect iPhone 7 to Computer.

Step 2

Now open iTunes and enter a passcode. Try another computer and recovery mode or sync option. Just wait for iTunes and sync iPhone 7 by creating a backup.

Step 3

After sync has been completed or backup finishes click on Restore option. You may see reset iPhone. You can select it as well. This will erase all information including passcode.


Setup screen will show the option of restore from iTunes backup, now select it. Select iPhone 7 plus in iTunes. Make sure to keep a record of the size and date of the backup and select relevant one.

Erase iPhone 7 Plus by using recovery mode

If you have never used Find my iPhone option or never have synced with iTunes, then it is best to use recovery mode. This will restore the device and will erase data as well as a passcode.

Step 1

Connect iPhone 7 plus with computer. Open iTunes.

Step 2

iPhone 7 is connected, just force restart it. You have to press the power and home button for 10 seconds. Do not release buttons until unless you see Apple logo. You will be able to see the recovery mode.

Step 3

See the option of update or restore by selecting update option. iTunes will reinstall iOS without erasing data, files, and messages. Wait for the installation of software.

Make sure to follow the rules and step by step guide appropriately of how to reset iPhone 7 password.

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