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Learn Amazing Ways to Charge iPhone Quickly

Charge iPhone Quickly 

Every iPhone user is concerned about battery. Many users check the battery life after few minutes. Do you also remain concern about phone battery?  The fast draining battery is always a problem. However, there are many applications which are power intensive and provides battery saving techniques by removing the ongoing apps from backup and various other options. Now eliminate your worry and get at ease. There are different ways which help you to Charge iPhone Quickly.

Tip 1

Use Portable Charger

Remember never charge your phone from laptop or computer. It takes much time and also destroys battery timing with passage of time. It is best to use a battery pack or genuine wall charger to charge your phone quickly. In starting, you may find odd to keep a portable charger with yourself but if you are constantly on the go then keeping a portable charger will surely bring a difference in your life. It is best to have a recharged phone until unless you reach home.

Tip 2

MFi Certified Charger

Are you an iPhone user but still unaware of this term? Then let us guide you that MFi means Made for iPod/iPad/ or iPhone. This charger is considered as one of the reliable and best charger because it will put enough amps in the device. Your device will be charged in short time. Make sure to never buy any fake products such as China chargers or from Amazon. Always buy iPhone accessories from authentic center. However, this will also increase the risk of phone catching fire. It is best to invest in a good product.

Tip 3

Remove Casing

Have you ever get an idea of charging your phone without removing the case? The tip is very good and will surely charge your mobile in minimum time. For best charging Apple recommends room temperature, so a tight or a leather case will trap the heat inside phone and case.

Tip 4

Use Airplane Mode

This is not always the best solution but works efficiently in a needy situation. You can charge your phone faster if all the extra functions are off such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Data. Otherwise, if you do not want to use airplane mode, then you can shut the apps running in background or you are not using. Make sure to keep the phone locked while on charge.

Tip 5

Lightning Port

The tip is bit crazy but surely work great for you. Be very technical or careful while using this tip. Just get rid of trapped dust or lint from the port because it may be blocking the points which allow your device to charge in minimum time. You will see improvement in charging time.

If someone recommends you to use wireless case then never use it. It drains the battery quickly and destroys the battery timing. Make sure to find genuine cases, chargers or portable gadgets which will charge the phone efficiently. Otherwise, wall plugging charger is great.

Hope you liked this article to Charge iPhone Quickly

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