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Unlock iOS 10 lost iDevice With Copy/Paste Trick

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Many people who define themselves as careless often lost their phone. They use many techniques to locate their phone or lock it. However, the recent technology also enables users to access data like images, messages, and relevant information. However, still, the risk associated with the stolen and lost phones are never lessened. The easy to use method will help you to get past of Activation Lock. You simply do not need any technical skills or special equipment to do this. Any geek can easily perform this task. Remember to be extra careful and never leave your phone unattended.

The up-to-date exploit has been presented by Benjamen Kunz-Mejri who is the founder of Vulnerability Lab. Slash Secure Hemanth Joseph also discovered an earlier version which affected 10.1 iOS. Apple tried to fix this issue but it made the devices vulnerable. So learn how to unlock your phone through lost mode.

Step by Step Guide to Unlock iOS 10 iDevice

The method is efficient and work. An expert has explained it. So you need is to follow the method efficiently.

Step 1

Just activate the Lost Mode from the feature Find my iPad or iPhone.

Step 2

When you enable the Lost Mode, it will put your device in Activation Mode, allowing you to enter data means authentic Apple ID which you use on your device.

Step 3

After entering Apple ID and Password, the screen will go back to normal

Step 4

Remember that logging process does require a reliable internet connection, so you have to connect it to Wi-FI or LAN.

Step 5

This method enables the attacker to select Wi-Fi through other network option, and you will also have to connect to the connection.

Step 6

Just keep in mind that you can enter many characters in network name as well as in password. This will overflow attack. So put as many characters in both fields. You may put up to 10,000 characters. This will freeze the device. Now wait for the device to sleep and Voila your home screen will appear.

Best Method

This method worked great on iOS 10.1 and 10.1.1. You may need to rotate your screen. Use Shift Night mode. Remember that home screen will show up only for a second, but you can make it visible for a longer time by using timed button. Press it for a longer time.

Simple problem can be easily fixed by entering characters. The news is confirmed by Apple.

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