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iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New

iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New

Apple released the latest version of iOS which is iOS 10 Beta 6 to developers. So in this article we have shared about it that whats new has been introduced for the users of iOS. Last week a new version of iOS which is iOS 10 Beta 5 was released and now just a week later another version has been released. It is pretty cool because its clear that Apple have released the new version to fix the bugs in their previous version. So as a user of iOS it’s a very good news for us.

iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New

  • First of all I want to inform you that if you have iPhone 5C or less than this version is not good for you. It will slow down your phone. So if you have iPhone 5S or later device then you should update it to this latest version.
  • When you open Messages you will feel a difference and that difference is that the top looks very clear. It gives whole messages a clear look. The icon at the top was also very big which didn’t looked good but now after the new update it is looking very good.
  • Another change is when you search of events it shows the exact date of the event. It’s a pretty cool change which lacked in the previous updates.
  • When you open the camera from the lock screen and when you go back and then unlock the device, it won’t be in the app switcher. So I think it’s a very good change because you had to close it from the app switcher later. But now it will close automatically.

So that all from iOS 10 Beta Whats New. This new update is a very small update, its actually released to remove bugs from the previous version. Hope you liked the article. For any queries comment in the comment section.

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