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Change your Life With the iOS 10 Awesome Features

You will be aware of the fact that the new iPhone and the iOS are packed with the amazing features. It owns great functionalities and is integrated with the various third party app. iOS 10 Awesome Features let the user explore favorite whistles and bells. So find out the amazing and fun to use features after the official release of iOS 10.

iOS 10 Awesome Features

Following are the great features which you will avail if you are a user of iOS 10.

  • Facial recognition

In iOS 10, you can search the photos for yourself or specific friends. This feature will provide easy search option to find the perfect selfies you have on your phone. The album let you easily get the mugshots in just one folder. Just do not be super creeped by searching the familiar faces on iPhone. iPhone will only analyze the photos which are stored locally in the device.

  • Widgets

Now you can customize the widgets on iPhone as well. You can check various notifications without unlocking the iPhone. The latest widgets prove to be handy and allow the user to access the widgets by swiping the new lock screen. The widgets available are easy to expand and are animated. However, you can also play multimedia or videos with the widgets. To add the widget, just click on the app icon and hold to add a new widget.

  • Emoji-fy the messages

Apple has introduced significant resources to make the messaging more interactive. It has provided a visual way to send the messages with the emoji. The emoji appear bigger and will be suggested in the text. However, the user can substitute a shortcut for the emoji, and it will appear as soon as you type the text. The emoji can easily replace a word.

  • Visual link sharing

This is a fantastic feature of iOS 10. The user can share the visual link in the messages. Now to send a visual link you do not have to switch to other social app. Just paste URL in the text box and it will automatically turn into a visual view along with an image and headline. You can also send a Vimeo or a YouTube link to your friends. The tracks from the Apple music can also be shared. The iMessage app makes it easier to share songs and play them later.

  • Siri

The iOS 10 is now integrated with Siri. Siri is a learning built in app which response on the voice commands. However now you can link it with your social accounts to find photos or make a call or send a message. If you want Siri to load the third party app and perform actions then just say it over the voice commands. According to Apple, Siri is intended to function with six types of applications, and it will expand with time.

  • Personalized Playlist

One of the iOS 10 Awesome Features is to make your customized or personalized playlist. The users of Apple music will able to select the songs from New Music Mix and favorite Mix allowing the users to choose the new songs from various artists and adding up to the library. You can like or listen those songs on repeat as many times you want.

  • Lyrics

Now you can also read the song lyrics along with the integrated functionality added in iOS 10. If you listen to a song and you do not understand the words, then you will be able to pull up the lyrics reveal module to read the lyrics. You will be able to expand or hide the lyrics according to your needs.

  • Voicemail transcription

What could be more innovative when you need to read and listen the voicemail at the same time. The voicemail transcription will be viewed to you. You will be able to translate the audio voicemails in the form of text. Apple team is striving hard to make the functionality of voicemail better. The latest Callkit detects the spam voicemail and notifies immediately.

  • Home-Kit

You never heard of the Homekit device. It is the newly released app and a part of iOS 10 which allows the users to control their HomeKit gadgets with it. The name of the app is Home which enables you to monitor and customize the settings of the Apple accessories available in the house. The multiple devices easily sync together and can be activated via Siri.

Example. Tell Siri Goodnight. All the devices or gadgets will shut down automatically.

Try out these iOS 10 Awesome Features. You will surely love them. Stay tuned for more features and hacks of iOS 10.

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