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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your iPhone to iOS 10

The new version of iOS which is iOS 10 is full of new and amazing features. Whenever a new update is released, it is very exciting for the users because of its new features. In the same way users were waiting for iOS 10 and once it was released most of them updated their iDevices. But at the same time we know that a new update have a lot of bugs in it. The case with iOS 10 is same. It have few bugs in it which I will share with you so that you are aware of them before you update your iDevice.

Device Speed

iOS 10 is good for newer devices. If you install iOS 10 on a device which is two years or more old then it will definitely slow down your iDevice. You will get fed up of your device. So before updating to iOS 10 think twice.

EverythingApplePro made a video of speed test comparison of iOS 10 on different iPhones. I have shared it below must check this video

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Apple Music Stucks

There is no doubt that Apple Music is much better now as compared to the version which was launched last year but still it have a lot of bugs. Its fonts are very big, controls are confusing as well and the most annoying thing is that app still stucks.

Storage Issues

You will also face storage problems after updating to iOS 10. You will love new features of iOS 10 like updated Messages, Stickers, Gifs and also fancy animations. But all of these things will fill up your device and makes your life miserable. So make sure you have a lot of space before updating. If you don’t have it then never ever update.

It Takes More Swipes to Do Things

The main objective of a new update should be to do a particular task with fewer clicks/taps then the previous version. One of the example is of Control Centre which takes many swipes to perform a particular task, in iOS 9 the same task would have been done with fewer swipes. I have just shared one example but in actual there will be many points at which you will feel this annoying change.

You Might Just Hate Change

You might be a person who just hate changes. If you are that kind of person and using iOS 7, 8 or 9 then you should stick with it because I am sure you will not like iOS 10. Atleast you will unlock your screen by swiping instead of pressing home button.

So these were all of the annoying things I wanted to share. Its still up to you that if you want to update or not. If you have any questions comment below.

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