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How to Easily Fix Common Problems in iOS 10

IOS 10 is live, and it is available with all incredible range of new features. However, Apple does not guarantee the functionality of these features, and they are available with some issues or bugs. The iOS 10 experience will be ideal, so following are the common problems which you need to fix it.

Just update the software on your iPhone to use these amazing features. Apple is busy in solving bugs, patching problems, and fixing issues. Most of the time a simple upgrade would be enough for your tablet and phone to work properly. Follow the steps to update your iOS.

Go to the settings > tap on general> and then Software Update.

You will be able to update the software and check for iOS version. However, if you still face some issues then read on…

Connectivity Issues

Every new iOS comes with connectivity issues whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular networks. If you are facing this issue then

  • A quick toggle off and on will help you.
  • Reset the Network Settings or configuration in iOS which is a clear way. Just reconnect with WI-Fi and if the process clears then it will be the issue of settings.
  • Now Go to Bluetooth settings. Click on the Info button next to any device. Click on Forget it and do the same through Wi-Fi menu. Reconnect with the networks and devices which will solve the problem. You can also use the same method for Wi-Fi as well.
  • You can also try the reset option in the Settings> General. Tap on Reset Network Settings and clear all the settings.

Battery Life

Even though the reports about the battery life are not widespread much iOS 10 have brought damage to battery life. In the older sets, the battery life drains more quickly with time, and it is not a particular issue. You can try out hacks to save the general battery which includes

  • Dim the brightness of your device
  • Reduce the time before screen locks
  • Use the Airplane mode if you are in low power mode
  • Cut down the background App and refresh the list
  • Uninstalling the unused apps

iMessage Issues

iOS 10 has introduced a great big update of iMessage. However, one or two bugs have been caught in the app which is that the inline animations like invisible ink or fireworks do not work. This might be possible because of the obscure setting available under the Accessibility menu in Settings and then General. Now Tap on reduce motion and switch it off.

Most of the users have faced the problems in sending messages in iOS 10. The best fix you can do is rebooting the device. If you face difficulty in deleting the conversation or messages then tap and hold the message for long and then move it to the trash.

Resetting the network settings will also troubleshoot the iMessage issues.

Touch ID Issues

Many users have experienced the problems with Touch ID in iOS 10. Most of the time the fingerprints are not recognized and related bugs. This fix is not a difficult one to deal with. All you need is to reenter your Touch ID and Passcode in Settings. Tap on stored fingerprints and delete it. Just add the settings again.

If this option does not work, then turn off the Touch ID altogether. Just toggle the switch and renter the touch ID details after rebooting the iPad or iPhone. Try turning the Touch ID again. If this did not work, try resetting the device after backing up all the messages or contacts.

Crashing problems

If you are facing the crashing issues in iOS 10, then it is best to update the iOS to iTunes or Windows or Mac. This will wipe the majority of problems. Update iTunes to its latest available version and then launch the software after plugging in your iPhone or iPad.

You can also visit the Apple site for the complete guide process. Otherwise, hold the Sleep or Wake button along with the Home button to see the recovery screen.

Now choose the update option from iTunes pop up and install iOS 10. Without erasing your data, if the update procedure does not work you will get a full restore. It is best to make the backup on the safe side.

You can also select Erase All content and settings option from Reset menu available in Settings and General. This will restore the phone by erasing all personal data.

Make sure that the software issues must be solved with a factory reset option. If the above method fails to fix the problem, than you might be facing the Apple Hardware which must be reported or fixed via any authorized Apple center.

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