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Best Way To Remove Soft Ban In Pokemon Go

If you are using hacks like fly, GPS, fake location or any other cheats in Pokemon Go then your account will be banned. You can still walk around the game, see Pokemon but you could no longer catch Pokemon, collect PokeStops or battle/claim a gym. The Pokemon would just run away when hit with a PokeBall, rather than adding itself to your collection. It is called soft ban. It is called soft ban because it is temporary and it will last for a few hours which means you can get back to doing your cheating once the soft ban is over. But don’t worry we will share a best way to Remove Soft Ban.

Best Ways to Remove Soft Ban In Pokemon Go

 I will tell you a simple method which will remove your soft ban within 30 seconds. Let’s see how to remove it

Method 1

So first of all go to any PokeStop and keep on collecting the PokStop. Do it about 40 times and you will be unbanned. You might not believe it but I guess it is the easiest way to remove soft ban in Pokemon Go.

Method 2

In this method you have to make a new account after logging out from you current account which got soft ban. Then after making new account simply logout from it aswell and then delete the game. After doing all this you have to wait atleast 2 hours and in the end you have to reinstall Pokemon Go. Hopefully your ban will be removed and you are again eligible to play normally as you were playing before the soft ban.


Both of these methods works perfectly. Just use one of them to remove soft ban in Pokemon Go. Honestly I don’t know the logic behind both of these methods but as far as they are making our work easy, we shouldn’t care about their logic. If you know any other simple method then share it with us.

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