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PokeTracker for iOS Devices to Get Game Map Alternative

Are you also one of the crazy fans of Pokémon Go game and also an iOS 10 user then you need to try out the new hack. The Pokémon Go map alternative helps you to score high and easy reach out for the new challenges. This will trigger your game and allows you to capture more Pokémon in minimum time. You need to install some of the new apps to use the alternative map. The good news for the iOS 10 users is that they can use the PokeTracker. It is a tracker which allows the player to track the easy map let’s find out how.

What is PokeTracker about?

The Pokémon Tracker lets the users utilize all the features and get the notifications similar to the map alternative.it will display all the points played on the map as well as during the lure status. The Pokémon Tracker proves to be a worthy alternative to the fast Pokémon Go map. The radius of the map is wider as compared to other tracker apps.

How PokeTracker works?

The PokeTracker works a bit differently than the other third party apps. You do not need to enter the details just as a name, email or register for the app. The application will display the type of the Pokémon. Players will be guided efficiently and informed that from where they can earn more spawn points. The users can also share the information with the other players or among the social sites.

Safe to use

The developers of Tracker for the Pokémon game have stated that it is entirely safe to use. It will not put the user’s id at risk, and the Niantic Security Net cannot track the user’s id who are using the PokeTracker. So why not give it a try and start with the alternative map for more points.

The developers of application have promised that the alternative for the maps and the information embedded will continuously update. The update will compensate the Niantic speed cap for the players at the traveling speed of 40kph will soon be released. The update is submitted for the approval and soon be published by the Apple to its users. However, more updates will be introduced soon according to the trend of the game. The application is available on the Apple store for the users to download it for free and make the best use of it.

Users of Tracker

The tracker application is widely used by the players or gamers of Pokemon Go. The users are satisfied by its features and love to use it. It might be possible that PokeTracker will be banned or services get prohibited by the Apple just like FastPokeMap. It might be possible that Niantic is making ways to trace out the users who are using the application. Hence the application is still worth a try.

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