Today we are talking about the top five features coming to Pokemon Go. Let’s see what they are and how they works.


 The only thing I feel like I want more than legendary Pokemon is Pokemon trading. I feel like if Pokemon trading is open it could literally build itself and own economy where you could buy or sell Pokemon. Now I feel like they limit the amount of Pokemon you could trade, so it wouldn’t ruin the entire game for people who don’t have anything. Anyways there’s so much potential for trading and it truly is up to NIANTIC to see where they take it. It could just be another random feature that isn’t good or they could make an entire economy for Pokemon similar to how CSGO did for skins. Let’s just hope that they did make it like CSGO that there wouldn’t be any sort of POKEMON GO lotto.


 I think everyone’s been waiting for this for way too long now. Legendary Pokemons like MEW, MEW 2 or any of the legendary birds at this point are long overdue. Now there was a recent glitch that actually gave legendary Pokemon to some players. So everyone got excited for but it turns out it was just a glitch and now we are stuck wondering if we will ever see them. Having a huge goal to work toward makes a game amazing and so far the closest we have to, that is getting a GYARADOS from 400 MAGIKARP CANDY. Honestly if they were to ever implement legendary Pokemon and hope that they make it involved with battling other people on getting reward through. That like maybe if you win a hundred battles, you can like a master ball which is the only chance of catching a legendary POKEMON.


 What could be better than battling one-on-one in Pokemon Go? Having an entire team go against an entire team surely is. It definitely be kind of sketchy because it’s sort of like a big gang brawl but honestly if they manage to implement the feature right that would be absolutely epic and be kind of weird I feel like at first but in time I am sure a lot of fun could come out of it. Normally I see a ton of people just sitting at gyms battling so now instead of battling gyms there could actually be like this huge brawl. I am sure a lot of people would also organized like huge Pokeballs like Facebook events or something like that so honestly seems like a thousand people from one team taking on thousand people from other team would be insane.


Something that gives the game a super long LIFESPAN is by having the community play together and not alone. Battling your friends in Pokemon Go is something that could be amazing because everyone wants to test out their best Pokemon other than going to a gym plus gyms gonna suck for battling because they are so easy to take over when you only have one Pokemon in the Gym and the person trying to take it has like a full team. Battling gives a really competitive field of Pokemon Go which is exactly what it needs because you look at games like counter-strike which has millions of active competitive fans. They should also offer super unique rewards like special candy or types of LURES to catch even rare Pokemon. That way it would encourage everyone to battle each other and make the game a lot funner.


So for the past few weeks the community has been experiencing the worst of the worst when it comes to tracking Pokemon. However it’s only for now because Niantic has actually confirmed that there will be a brand new system in place it’s more improved in the system we really liked. Now I am not exactly sure how they could one of the old systems considering it was exactly, how I wanted it to be but definitely was room for improvement. Some things that make it better would be a direction that the Pokemon was in or possibly the exact distance that they are away, I mean, I guess it takes out the mystery but at least it’s a little bit more efficient in the long run.

So these are the new features coming to the Pokemon Go. Hope we all will enjoy them.


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