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Nearby Feature Expanded by Pokemon Go, Also Adds Ditto Atlast

You will definitely be well aware of the Pokemon Go. It is one of the favorite game which is played by millions of people and game lovers. If you have not played the game yet, then it is the right time to download the game. Pokemon Go is the exceptional game which features amazing graphics and best visuals. You will find many tips, coins, and online hacks which will help you to play the game. However, the game has recently introduced the Pokemon Go Nearby feature which has made the game viral once again. If you do not know about the fantastic game yet, then read the details.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an entertaining and adventurous game, Niantic Incorporation introduces it. The Pokemon Company has licensed the game, and the game is officially available for Apple users. It is the most downloaded game which allows the user to visit various landmarks to capture amazing Pokemons. The game used different Poke Balls and coins to buy items in the game.

Pokemon Go Nearby feature

The fans of the game will surely be exciting when the Niantic has introduced the new Thanksgiving gift. In the San Francisco studio, the new feature has been introduced which is available in the home city only. The developers have also said that the functionality will work efficiently if the user is near a Poke Stop.

Nearby Feature is available in all US states, in the west of Mississippi river except Alaska and Hawaii.  The Niantic Labs have not yet elaborated about the specific testing but still all the studio players have tested it and posted feedback on social platforms. The developers of the game have promised to continue improving the game on what players of Pokemon Think about the new changes.

How to Capture the Elusive Ditto

Except the official announcements the SlashGear has reported that most of the players have finally caught the elusive Ditto in the famous game. The Ditto is not in the category of wild Pokemon. The new shape-shifting Pokemon takes the look of all the low-level pocket monsters but only reveal its qualities once you will catch it. The players and testers are trying to figure out a reliable method to capture Ditto. Just watch the screenshot and figure out yourself. If you want to catch it, then it is the right time to start tracking the old Pokemons such as Pidgeys, Zubats, Magikarps, and Rattatas. Ditto is finally included in the Pokemon Go by the hit AR game. You can avail the latest version by downloading APK file which will include references to all Gold and Silver Pokemon.

So install the game, Play it and enjoy.

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