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Download Anniversary Edition of Bully on iOS

Have you ever considered playing original, humorous and innovative gameplay? Then Rockstar game of bully has great humorous stories. The anniversary edition game will allow the user to play along with schoolyard in Bully. The story features a character known as Jimmy is 15-year-old. He navigates through crumbling and corrupt social hierarchy of school known as Bullworth Academy. He owns courage to stand up to bullies and will be able to get on teachers to play pranks, jocks at dodge ball, win or lose girl along with survival for one year.

Bully Game Includes

The Anniversary Edition of Bully game includes many critical things. It includes a high-resolution display and offers improved graphics along with textures, controls, enhanced lighting and redesigned touch game. You will be able to enjoy multiplayer games with challenges.

You need to beat a friend to friend problems and head to head tasks available in the classroom. The arcade style mini games will surely give you hard goals to face. Mini games include dissect a frog which is fastest in Biology, along with solving problems as well improving English grammar, destroying enemies with Nut shots and acorns.

Features of Game

Following are the amazing features of game which include

  • The full story of characters, classroom mini games, additional missions, and unlockable elements. These all features will be included in Scholarship Edition.
  • High resolution, shadows, particle effects, dynamic lighting, textures, beautiful graphics.
  • It owns built in support displays available in HD.
  • You would be able to challenge friends by using multiplayer challenges.
  • You will be notified when it is your turn.
  • Controller support will be provided
  • Intelligent controls with buttons.

So enjoy Bully now on iOS with these exceptional features and also share this post with your friends. If you have any questions regarding Bully, then comment in the comment section we will definitely help you.

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