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How to Easily Play 8-ball Pool With iOS 10

Are you not finding a reliable game to download and enjoy gaming? Then 8-ball pool game introduced on iOS will surely fill your need. GamePigeon is one of hottest and trendy app which needs to be played. The guide will allow you to learn and how to install the best play 8 ball pool. It is one of the bevy game which offers quick tips. You will be able to compete with friends.

Steps to Install Game

Following are step by step guide which helps you to install 8-ball pool game. This game includes a pack of 14 games. Pack of games is called as GamePigeon. The game is only exclusive and can be downloaded on iOS 10 and available on iMessage App Store.

iMessage applications do not install like other apps, so you have to walk through process.

Step 1

Just open an active thread in iMessage, Tap on small icon > like this on keyboard.

Step 2

You will see a small icon which will look like App store. The icon will be present near message. Tap on menu and icon which will unfold.

Step 3

Now in bottom left menu, you will be able to find four dots. This is known as App Drawer so tap on it.

Step 4

The display of iMessage app on device will fill purpose of guide, hit +sign which will be labeled store.

Step 5

Just open store and tap on magnifying glass. Type GamePigeon in search tab. It will be displayed as a game controller.

Step 6

The set up will be similar as present in standard store. You will be able to download free. So button Get will allow you to read and added automatically on iMessage.

Play the Game

Follow the step by step guide to play game efficiently. The game is amazing, and you will surely enjoy playing it.

Step 1

To get to app drawer you have to repeat process from step 1 to 3. You will find GamePigeon option. So select it and choose 8-Ball.

Step 2

Now you will be able to access a triangular play icon. Just tap on it and start making moves.

Step 3

After taking each turn, you have a tap on V-shape button. Top right to shrink gameplay screen. Just send it like you are sending a message. You friend will reply in same way. The process continues until the match is over.

Few Basic Tips

Following are the quick tips which will help you and make your game simple. Try them out.

  • The game of 8-pool is simple. An indicator displayed on screen has solids and stripes. The player has to hit all balls by using white ball as a base. The game is easy to understand. However, you need to be a master of it.
  • Most probably you will forget that which side you are playing. Even if game progresses too long just make a physical and mental note. Just ensure it will not
  • Remember power is not always in your luck. When you pull back stick to take a shot just tempt for mental, physical note.
  • 8-ball pool is a great game of finesse. The light shots will have a higher chance of getting pockets.
  • Never hit ball too hard.
  • Practice is essential to hit a game like this. Just keep playing.
  • Never forget that GamePigeon allows you to play a lot of stuff. So you can try other games from which you are bored.
  • iOS 10 is required for GamePigeon. You may come across many malfunctions only if your device is not updated.
  • So go to Settings> click on General> then tap on Software Update and check for updates from Apple.

8-Ball Pool is going to be a great and your full-time favorite game.  so enjoy it.


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