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How to Restore IOS 9.3.3 Without Updating – CYDIA Eraser

Today article is about how to restore iOS 9.3.3 without updating. Lets take a look at Cydia Eraser. This used to be called Cydia Impactor and it’s been updated for IOS 9.3.3. Now what is so special about this tweak or application is discussed in this article. Basically what it can do is un-jailbreak your device completely, restores it and keeps it on its current firmware. That way you don’t have to update and you are able to re-jailbreak your device.

This is a tool that is especially useful for those how tries tons and tons of tweaks out and constantly changing their device a lot of crap accumulates on their device and sometimes they just like to restore it to bring it back to stock. Just to get rid of all the crap and start from the beginning again. In this application or tweak or utility whatever you want to call it will allow you to do that.

How to Restore IOS 9.3.3 Without Updating

  • So you have to search in Cydia for Cydia Eraser of version 0.9.32. It is created by the creator of Cydia (Jay Freeman). Good thing is that it works for iOS 7.1 through 9.3.3.
  • So once you have installed it you can just go ahead and open up the application. Using this tool will destroy all data on your device. Revert all changes to files on the device, remove the jailbreak and return it to stock Apple iOS while preserving your iOS version.
  • So it basically restores your device to its current firmware and does not update it and it does it all automatically on the device itself, no need to plug it into a computer. All you have to do is click on the erase all data on jailbreak device at the bottom. Just make sure you read everything on the list.
  • So I just want to tell you guys that Cydia Eraser is updated for iOS 9.3.3 and this is probably one of the most important tools that you can have on your device. Just because like I said if you are having issues with your device or your device got too many tweaks or you need to restore. This is how you are going to want to do it otherwise you will lose your jailbreak. If you use iTunes to restore it because iTunes will force you to update to the latest firmware which would be 9.3.4 currently and you don’t want to do that because then you cannot jailbreak again.

So this was easy method to restore iOS 9.3.3. For any queries comment below.

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