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How to Stop iCloud Drive Deleting Files Warning

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Are you an iPhone user? Then most probably you will be getting iCloud warnings again and again. iCloud drive in iPhone allows users to sync files, documents among devices. However, the warnings do appear on Mac`s. If you are sure to get rid of trash items, then tell your Mac to stop sending the notification again and again because you can stop the behavior on Mac as well.

Step By Step Method

Step 1

just click on desktop and find the Finder icon in Dock which allows you to switch the program.

Step 2

now click on the names menu present at the extreme upper left corner of screen.

Step 3

click on preferences, and a new window will appear.

Step 4

under the advanced tab, you will discover a lot of options.

Step 5

now uncheck the option saying show warnings before removing data from the iCloud drive. You can select a variety of options according to your need.

After unchecking the option, you will stop getting the warnings. Consequently, it ‘s nice to have control on your devices.

Save Storage Space

One of the irritating messages an iPhone user receives is Storage almost full. The message appears for those who have iPhones of memory between 8GB and 32GB. Following are the fantastic tips which help you to avoid deleting files again and again. By following the tips, there is a good chance that you will experience message of storage full often.

  • Make a Backup

Yes, it’s true that the consumption of iPhone storage is merely due to videos and photos. It is best to find the consumed memory by these items on the phone. Just open Settings app> Go to General> Storage and iCloud usage> then click on Manage Storage.

Be wise enough to back up the data after a predefined time on the external hard or upload them to any cloud services. There are many websites or social platforms which offers maximum and unlimited storage for uploading just like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google photos, Dropbox and much more. Remember, you will lose the image and video quality after uploading.

  • Remove Photos

You are an iPhone user, and you do not know that photos do not get deleted right away. After removing the videos and photos by tapping on the trash icon, deleted content is sent to the album known as recently deleted which clears up after some days. Trash content also consumes storage space. So to remove content you need to open the Camera roll> then tap on all photos> click on Albums> select and delete all by selecting the recently deleted album.

  • Use Standard Photo

Another great way to save iCloud drive storage and space on your phone is to prevent using storage space. Just turn off a specified setting which creates duplicate photos. Make sure to default the settings by selecting keep Normal Photo in HDR section available in settings.

To adjust settings according to your need just go to settings app> photos and Camera> then scroll down to bottom where HDR is written.

So try out these fantastic tips and tricks to eliminate consequences of receiving storage warnings. Make sure to follow them step by step for best results. Stay tuned for more amazing iPhone and iCloud drive hacks.

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