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How to Fix iPhone Charging Problems

This article is very helpful for those who are facing problems regarding charging their iPhones. If you face problem when you try to connect to computer, then this issue will also be solved by the end of this article. Its one of the worst situation when your iPhone battery is low and situation becomes more hard when you connect your mobile to the charger and its not charging. Thousands of bad ideas comes to mind that what might have happened with the iPhone. So you don’t have to worry, just relax. We will share some tips which will help you Fix iPhone Charging Problems.

Fix iPhone Charging Problems

This problem can be of hardware or software. So we will tell you few methods to fix this issue. Simply follow the steps

Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset is one of the best solution for most of the iPhone’s issues, specially power issues are mostly solved with it. It is specially used when the iPhone’s screen is blanked and not responsing.

So to perform hard reset connect your iPhone to the charger (Make sure charger don’t have any issue). If its not charging then you have to hold the Home Button along with Wake/Sleep switch down for about 10 seconds. If the problem is of software then iPhone will reboot. In case software was issue behind charging problem then you will see Apple logo after reboot.

This hard reset will not clear all your memory but if your were working and your screen went black then it might erase data.

Check Your Lightning Cable and Adapter

The second problem can be of the cable you are using for charging iPhone. Check that cable carefully. Check if cable is exposed from any part, there might be tears in the cable or it might be melted from anywhere. These are mainly problems of a cable. You should also check with any other cable if you have doubt on your cable.

The other issue can be of Power Adapter Brick. Mostly they are solid and don’t give issues but still for confirming you have to check the Power Adapter Brick. So easiest way to check it is by using it to charge any other iPhone with it.

Check the Lightning Port

The connectivity problem might be occurring because of debris in the charging port. This should be handle with care as charging port is very sensitive.

Actually when you keep your iPhone in pocket so something might went into the charging port which don’t let cable to connect. So check if anything is in there by passing light into the port. If you see anything in there then try of take it out with the help of sewing needle or paper clip. You have to be very careful because charging port is very sensitive.


So these were some simple methods to fix iPhone charging problems. If you are still facing problem then give your iPhone for repairing. But hopefully these tips will help you a lot.


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