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How to Use Find My Air Pods Feature in IOS

Are you concerned about losing the fancy Air pods of your Apple iPhone? Then do not worry because Apple is always on your back and assists its users. IOS 110.3 is available to download. The beta developers have included a new feature known as Find My Air Pods. This will help the user to track down wireless ear pods quickly.

Users can use the feature available in Find My iPhone application. However, this app is very helpful because it enables the user to find your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Air pods and Apple watch.

How Find My Air Pods Works?

Find My iPhone applications let the user see the location of the Air Pods. The connection is based on Bluetooth and since it does not support GPS. If you need assistance, then you can send the PING on your Air Pods. This will allow beeping more loudly. If the software of your iPhone is not updated then you can download the new beta version by clicking on Settings> then General and tap on Software Update.

Step-by-Step Guide

Remember that Find My Air pods work with Find my iPhone app. It helps to find the last location of the wireless earphones, which are connected with Bluetooth.

Step 1

Launch Find My iPhone application on your iOS device. It has a green circle icon.

Step 2

Now just log in the account by entering the password and your Apple ID.

Step 3

This will allow you to see the enabled devices having iCloud. You can locate the Air pods by tapping on them.

Step 4

You will also see the last known location of the AirPods on the map.

Remember that if Air Pods are perceived in a gray circle, then the device is not connected to any other device. You can go to the location and get your earphones.

Now just click on the actions button present at the bottom and then click on car icon. You will get to know the driving direction of last location of Air Pods.

Play a Notification Sound to Find lost Air pods

Remember that Air Pods must be encircled in green color in the Find my iPhone app if it is connected with the devices.

Step 1

Just tap on Actions button at the bottom of screen.

Step 2

Just tap on Play Sound, and your Air Pods will play loud sound accordingly. If you have lost one Air Pod, then you can mute one right or left Air pod to find the other piece. Make sure to follow the direction of sound to find your Air Pods.

Step 3

Just click on the Stop playing button if you have found the wireless earphone.

That is all you have to do to find your Air pods. The feature is very useful because it will add security to the device.

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