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How to Reset iPhone 7 Password

how to Reset iPhone

How to Reset iPhone 7 Password It is common to forget passwords, pattern or to face other associated problems with iPhone 7. Make sure to learn on how to reset the password when your iPhone 7 is locked. Many experts have introduced a variety of solutions plus have recommended having ...

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How to Restore iPhone Deleted Call History

How to Restore iPhone

Many iPhone users have to face the problems associated with their phone. The problems arise when they delete call history mistakenly and want it back to find a lost number. The case is entirely normal. Most importantly, we pick up a call from a random number and forget to save ...

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Learn Amazing Ways to Charge iPhone Quickly

charge iphone quickly

Charge iPhone Quickly  Every iPhone user is concerned about battery. Many users check the battery life after few minutes. Do you also remain concern about phone battery?  The fast draining battery is always a problem. However, there are many applications which are power intensive and provides battery saving techniques by ...

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How to Make your iPhone Productive By Using Widgets


Widgets are popular right after Android phones. They help to make the screen and your phone more productive. Otherwise, it would be very hard to manage various apps on the home screen. They are introduced because of some important reason and have many advantages. They help to save battery life ...

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How to Unlock iPhone 6, 6 plus

how to unlock iphone 6

Today we will tell you a best trick of how to unlock iPhone 6 and 6 plus. We will let you know about How to Unlock iPhone 6, 6 plus to work with any GSM Sim card. This factory unlock method is permanent which would work for any iPhone regardless ...

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How to Fix iPhone Charging Problems

Fix iPhone Charging Problems

This article is very helpful for those who are facing problems regarding charging their iPhones. If you face problem when you try to connect to computer, then this issue will also be solved by the end of this article. Its one of the worst situation when your iPhone battery is ...

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How To Unlock iPhone Without Password

unlock iphone without password

Today I am going to tell you about an awesome trick that will help you to Unlock iPhone Without Password. Remember any iPhone can be unlocked with this method. So you can simply hack in somebody’s iPhone by simply bypassing the passcode. If you are trying to unlock your friend’s ...

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