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How to Use Find My Air Pods Feature in IOS

find my air pods

Are you concerned about losing the fancy Air pods of your Apple iPhone? Then do not worry because Apple is always on your back and assists its users. IOS 110.3 is available to download. The beta developers have included a new feature known as Find My Air Pods. This will ...

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Unlock iOS 10 lost iDevice With Copy/Paste Trick

unlock ios 10

Unlock iOS 10 Many people who define themselves as careless often lost their phone. They use many techniques to locate their phone or lock it. However, the recent technology also enables users to access data like images, messages, and relevant information. However, still, the risk associated with the stolen and ...

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How to Easily Fix Common Problems in iOS 10

ios 10

IOS 10 is live, and it is available with all incredible range of new features. However, Apple does not guarantee the functionality of these features, and they are available with some issues or bugs. The iOS 10 experience will be ideal, so following are the common problems which you need ...

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Change your Life With the iOS 10 Awesome Features

iOS 10 Awesome Features

You will be aware of the fact that the new iPhone and the iOS are packed with the amazing features. It owns great functionalities and is integrated with the various third party app. iOS 10 Awesome Features let the user explore favorite whistles and bells. So find out the amazing and ...

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iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New

iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New

iOS 10 Beta 6 Whats New Apple released the latest version of iOS which is iOS 10 Beta 6 to developers. So in this article we have shared about it that whats new has been introduced for the users of iOS. Last week a new version of iOS which is ...

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Best Jailbreak Tweak of iOS Call Recorder

ios call recorder

If you are that kind of person who need to record their call for work purpose or also you have trust issues with your friends so this app can be handy. If recording your phone call is your task then have a look at our list. Because of privacy reasons ...

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