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How to Easily Play 8-ball Pool With iOS 10

8-Ball Pool ios 10

Are you not finding a reliable game to download and enjoy gaming? Then 8-ball pool game introduced on iOS will surely fill your need. GamePigeon is one of hottest and trendy app which needs to be played. The guide will allow you to learn and how to install the best ...

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Download Anniversary Edition of Bully on iOS


Have you ever considered playing original, humorous and innovative gameplay? Then Rockstar game of bully has great humorous stories. The anniversary edition game will allow the user to play along with schoolyard in Bully. The story features a character known as Jimmy is 15-year-old. He navigates through crumbling and corrupt ...

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Learn to Easily Play Super Mario on IOS

Super Mario on IOS

Are you also one of the gaming fans? You might have played many games and tried many applications, but the need for Super Mario simply cannot be fulfilled. It is one of the oldest game of era and can be played on iDevices now. To play Super Mario on iOS read ...

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Best Way To Remove Soft Ban In Pokemon Go

remove soft ban

If you are using hacks like fly, GPS, fake location or any other cheats in Pokemon Go then your account will be banned. You can still walk around the game, see Pokemon but you could no longer catch Pokemon, collect PokeStops or battle/claim a gym. The Pokemon would just run ...

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pokemon go

Today we are talking about the top five features coming to Pokemon Go. Let’s see what they are and how they works. POKEMON TRADING  The only thing I feel like I want more than legendary Pokemon is Pokemon trading. I feel like if Pokemon trading is open it could literally ...

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