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How to Update iTunes on PC and Mac (With Pictures)

How to Update iTunes

iTunes is a famous application developed by Apple which manages media library, media player and online radio broadcaster. iTunes is used to download, manage and play all types of media which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes store. So to keep iTunes updated is very important in order to take ...

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How to Easily Download and Run TutuApp on iOS

TutuApp on iOS

Almost every Android and iOS user know about TutuApp. The app is popular in every operating system and it is one of the famous apps. The popularity increased from last few months when TutuApp introduced some amazing features. It allows the user to download various games and applications for free. ...

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Best iOS Apps of 2016

best ios apps

2016 is about to end, and if you are an iPhone user and have not used any of its best apps then, you surely need to try them now. The New Year will be flooded with amazing applications, so it is best to update your lifestyle with the Apple apps. ...

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How to Download & Use Google Duo

google duo

Using iOS came with some perks. You would get things built-in that were a bit harder to find elsewhere. Facetime is one of those things that’s probably the best video chat service out there but we all know people who either don’t want or don’t have an iPhone, so they ...

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How To Permanently Remove iPhone Is Disabled Error

iphone is disabled

Using a wrong password on iOS devices is a big mess now. It will gives an error of iphone is disabled. Your device can potentially be locked for 25 years and can be a serious issue. It can be caused by trying wrong password multiple times or can be a prank ...

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Best iOS Apps of July 2016

Best iOS Apps of July 2016

Best iOS Apps of July 2016 Today we will talk about some of the Best iOS Apps of July 2016. So what we are waiting for let’s not waste time and get started. POKEMON GO  A lot of you might be tired of hearing about POKEMON Go but it   definitely deserves ...

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10 Hidden Pokemon Go Secrets Finally Revealed

pokemon go hidden secrets

POKEMON GO SECRETS Pokemon go has become the most popular mobile phone app in 2016. Even though there are millions playing the game but it doesn’t mean that everyone knows what they are doing. So here are 10 Pokemon Go secrets you didn’t know. Curve Ball Once you have mastered ...

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12 Free Apps That Are No Longer Paid

App store

As you can find hundreds of awesome apps which can be downloaded without paying a single penny so at the same time there are many apps which you cannot download before paying developers of the respective app. These apps are mostly little bit better than the free apps, therefore developers ...

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