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10 Hidden Pokemon Go Secrets Finally Revealed


Pokemon go has become the most popular mobile phone app in 2016. Even though there are millions playing the game but it doesn’t mean that everyone knows what they are doing. So here are 10 Pokemon Go secrets you didn’t know.

Curve Ball

Once you have mastered being able to throw the Pokeball with simple flick, it’s time to try out the curve ball. As you progress through each level, getting as much XP as possible will help you. As well as to capture some of the more difficult Pokemon. What you do is to press and hold the Pokemon, and then drag and spin the ball into a circle until it starts spinning and sparkling . Where you normally throw the ball straight, flick it more to the right and repeat until you capture the Pokemon. Once you master this technique, you will get an extra XP, which will add up quickly


Here’s how you can capture Pikachu. The most well known and popular Pokemon. Before those who have been playing for a while. When you first start playing the app, you will get a set of starter Pokemon like squirtle, bulbasaur or charmander . Instead of catching one of them, walk away. You will get another alert for the Pokemon once again. Walk away five times and then Pikachu will appear as your new fancy starter Pokemon.


Eevee has three evolution, VAPOREON, JOLTEON, and FLAREON. Those have been evolving their Eevee manually have depended on the luck of the draw to see which one they want but there is actually a away to pick your preferred Eevee evolution. Think back to the trainers from the original television show RAINER, PYRO and SPARKY. If you want a Vaporeon, name your Eevee Rainer. If you want a Flareon, name Eevee pyro and if you want a Jolteon then name your Eevee Sparky. This secret has been tested and trained by other players and it turns out to be true.


If you click on the window on the lower right, you will see a grid with nearby Pokemon listed, with a set of paw prints underneath each one. If there is nothing under the image, then the Pokemon is practically underneath you and very close. Or, if there is only one paw print, it means that the Pokemon is nearby. The Pokemon on the top left is the closest to you, and the one on the lower right are the furthest from you. Select the Pokemon you want to find and this will help you gauge whether or not you are heading in the right direction of your desired Pokemon.

If the Pokemon you desire moves closer to the left, you are heading in the right direction . If it moves to the right , you are going the wrong way. Though this won’t work until the dreaded three steps glitch has been fixed.


If you are going to be at one location for a while and you want to make the most of your Pokemon hunting, then turn on a lure module. It is recommended that you turn on these lures are bars, restaurants and shops for optimal catching. Every 3- 5 minutes a new Pokemon will appear and there is a good chance that a rare one will make an appearance as well. Along with a lure, you can use Incense. All you need to do is sit and wait and then the Pokemon will literally come right to you. Toss on a lucky egg on top of it all and you will be levelling up in no time.


As you progress through each level, you will encounter rare Pokemon as well as Pokemon with higher CP. Making them more difficult to capture and contain in the Pokeballs. This can be really frustrating, especially if you encounter a rare Pokemon that keeps breaking free from its Pokeball. But once you hit level 6, you will be able to obtain razz berries, which will calm the Pokemon down (somewhat) and give you a better chance for capture and containment.  On top of this at higher level you will obtain great and ultra balls to help trap those pesky Pokemon.


Before Pokemon Go, Niantic created another geocaching game called “Ingress”, which is a similar treasure-hunting game. Turns out that Pokemon Go uses the same maps as Ingress to popular their PokeStops and gyms. So if you are an Ingress player and you see a portal on your map, they translate to PokeStops. Also did you know that PokeStops refresh after 5 minutes. So there is no need to just use a PokeStops once.


Most players think that CP or ” COMBAT POWER ” makes the final decision on whether or not your Pokemon can beat the dominator of a gym. That’s not quite the case if you know the loophole. When you battle your enemy you have the ability to dodge left or right and avoid enemy attacks. The enemies you battle are fighting you using artificial intelligence, therefore don’t have the ability to dodge. Not to mention that you can see your opponent and you can pick 6 different pokemon to battle. By strategically selecting your Pokemon, for example using your Charmander (fire) to beat Bulbasaur (grass), you have a better chance of victory and taking over the gym.


While having the AR featured turned on, you have the ability to see Pokemon in “Augmented Reality” or in the real world. While this feature has created some of the most epic photos of Pokemon photo bombing real life situations. It makes capturing Pokemon a bit more difficult. Plus, it has been known to cause the app to freeze or slow down making your capture attempts more complicated.  If you turn off the AR mode, you will be able to better catch Pokemon with little to no interruptions. Plus it is more battery efficient.


If you are okay with traveling and walking around to play the game, then you can technically try to catch all of the pokemon listed in your Pokedex. While it is tedious feat, you can capture them all, while others will give their Pokemon to professor willow in exchange for candy which will help you evolve your lower range Pokemon. Some may decide to go the route of traveling and walking as much as they can. If you manage to get some eggs from a PokeStop, the more you walk, the more you can hatch. There are eggs that hatch at 2, 5 and 10 kilometers. The best pokemon hatch at 10 kilometers which means you have a good deal of walking ahead of you.


So these were some awesome Pokemon Go hidden secrets. If you know any other than do share it with us in the comment section


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