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How to Download & Use Google Duo

Using iOS came with some perks. You would get things built-in that were a bit harder to find elsewhere. Facetime is one of those things that’s probably the best video chat service out there but we all know people who either don’t want or don’t have an iPhone, so they have been left out of the conversation. Well now google has a new app called Google Duo and essentially its their version of Facetime.

Duo is an app that lets you video chat with your family and friends. It’s a pretty simple app and there isn’t much to the interface and there isn’t much that you can do. Its similar to Facetime. The biggest differentiator is that its cross-platform, so someone with Android can talk with someone on iOS and vice virsa.

Setup of Google Duo

Its setup is very easy. The app is available in the Play Store and in the App Store for free. Simply download it from the Store. After downloading you agree to all the permissions of using the camera and mic. Then you have to enter the phone number you want to place calls and that it.

Use of Google Duo

After opening the app you have the option to place a call. Now the person that you want to call has to have the Google Duo and also it has to have it setup but once they do you can just chose from a list of contacts. Then tap on their name and the call is made.

Once in the call again the interface is very simple. You get the option to end it, switch the camera and mute. This is all very similar to facetime. It seems to be a great option for those who want to video chat but have people on different services and different devices. Its mobile only so there is no desktop use but it is cross-platform. So really we just have to decide which services best for you.

Interesting Feature

When making a call there is one interesting feature called knock knock. This is kind of like a video version of caller ID where you can see what the other person is doing before you answer the call. This can be turned off and you also get reminded that you are going to be on video so you don’t show something that you don’t want to be seen but this is a nice little feature that can hopefully entice or persuade someone from answering your phone call.

So what you think of Duo. Is this something you would consider using or would you just stick to Facetime, let us know down below in the comments.

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