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Best iOS Apps of 2016

2016 is about to end, and if you are an iPhone user and have not used any of its best apps then, you surely need to try them now. The New Year will be flooded with amazing applications, so it is best to update your lifestyle with the Apple apps. The collection of apps is getting extensive day by day, and it is very overwhelming to find out the rating and reviews of each app before downloading. So try out the amazing and best iOS apps of 2016.

Best iOS apps of 2016

It is not wise to add up every app which is popular or used by every common man. All we are gathering and focusing on the apps which may be missed by you or by your social circle. The applications which are listed below will be fun, useful and quirky to use. So try them now by picking the best out of it.

  • InterNations

It is a free social app which allows you to connect with different fellows from all around the world. You can meet the best partner in their city. The support of the application is available in more than 400 cities. You will be able to find the best expats in your area and can see, exchange information about the happening events. You can also join various groups which fit best to your needs or interests.

  • Instapaper

It is the great iOS apps of 2016. The user will be able to save the articles and can read offline. The formats and the distraction free reading is best. It allows you to avail the premium features free of cost. You can bookmark the left article or can save them for future concerns or reference. The Instapaper icon is integrated into almost every browser such as Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

  • Bright Side

The free Bright Side app gives you access to various articles. The news will be available to you with a positive slant. The application is gaining popularity and contains the newsfeed from Facebook. You will be able to get access to all the articles which will kill your boredom and nicely formatted to the phone for easy to read.

  • Logical and cognitive fallacies

You may have a friend who always argues, so the term used for people is known as logical fallacies. Now you can have the best communication on the internet. The sticker app the logical fallacies and cognitive Biases is available for the iOS users. Now you can finish the conversation by convincing your partner with the best sticker pack.

  • Work Break Timer

If you are a freelancer or an office worker who has to sit for long hours, then this app is best for you. Sitting too much is bad for health. It is best to install the Stand Up the work Break timer which notifies and remind you to stand up and move around. The application has the best interface and provides easy to use user-friendly assistance by taking care of your health.

  • Habitify

The best iOS apps of 2016 include Habitify. It will enable you to turn your goals into habits. You will be notified with the motivational quotes, notifications, and alerts. This will help you to keep on track by choosing your goal. The app has 20 default habits with which you can start. It is a great tool with the accurate statistics about the monthly and weekly progress.

  • Drops

The free app allows you to learn French, English and Spanish words fast. It is a learning app which allows you to spend at least five minutes a day. The app includes various picture illustrations enabling you to swipe letters on the screen. You just need to spell the word according to the illustration. The app is a gasified and fun way to learn any language.

  • Deliveroo

Do you love traveling then Deliveroo is the best application for you. It will prove to be handy by locating the best restaurant near you. You can order via this app and get the food delivery in minutes and also find the best-loved restaurants near you. The app will send a messenger directly to the restaurant about your order details and deliver at your door.

So try out these fantastic and best iOS apps of 2016. More application will soon be released in the starting month of 2017. We will update you with the free and best apps available in iOS.

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