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Best iOS Apps of July 2016

Best iOS Apps of July 2016

Today we will talk about some of the Best iOS Apps of July 2016. So what we are waiting for let’s not waste time and get started.


    A lot of you might be tired of hearing about POKEMON Go but it   definitely deserves a spot on list because it continues to break the records with how popular it is. Everybody is playing this game. Now if you are completely new to POKEMON go, so let me explain that you play as a trainer and you walks around the physical world a.k.a the real world and you catch the digital POKEMON. There is also an AR aspect of this game by using the camera of your smart phone it will appear as if the POKEMON are right in front of you. You can catch that POKEMON, you can level them up and battle them. It’s pretty fun and it doesn’t matter if you have played POKEMON in the past or not. I personally think anybody would enjoy a game like this.

pokemon go


  1. CANVA

     Canva is pretty cool because it allows you to create all sorts of professionally edited photos that can be used for presentations or social media. So it’s not just another photo editing app. So you will see in the app that there are layouts for all types of services like INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, YOUTUBE even layouts for presentations and cards invitations. What you do is you pick a layout, you edit the text filters and what not. Then at last then you share it. It will then save your creation and you can choose to download it and then uploaded to the service of your choice and if you use the right template it will fit the side of your choice without any issues.

canva ios



    Tiny cards is a brand new game from the developers of duolingo. The app is designs to help you learn new material just like duolingo but this app focuses on repetition. You can create your own decks and share them with your friends. There are even readymade collections for you to start learning if you don’t want to or are able to make your own deck of cards. You can learn about the human skeleton and the structure of a cell, the entire alphabet of sign language, the solar system. There really is no end to what you can learn with this app.

tinycard ios


  1. HIGHLY  

    Highly is a productivity app where your finger is a highlighter allowing you to highlight text from the story and share that text with your peers. The app works so far in chrome and on IPHONE or IPAD. How it works is you highlight text that you want to share and you tap on the “!” sign and then tap on the bull’s eye icon below to share it to highly and you will see it then appears in the app. This app could be great for personal use or to share with your friends.

highly ios


    Real talk is a sort of social networking app and it’s a lot like OMEGLE, the site that pairs you up with a random person. The only major difference is the app makes you somewhat anonymous, it blurs the faces of the users so that they cant see each other. The app is a great way to meet new people and l think the concept is pretty neat.

real talk



    Cubicle is a dangerously addicting game where you help your cube travel through the galaxy of other cubes. You avoid enemies and falling and you can squish little cubes and unlock new characters. This is not an original game by any means but its pretty simple and its super fun but it is a lot harder than you would expect, fair warning your are likely going to get frustrated. Its the last app which is included in Best iOS Apps of July 2016 article.

cubicle ios

So these were the Best iOS Apps of July 2016. Download these and enjoy. If you know any better apps then do comment in the comment section.

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