How to Use Find My Air Pods Feature in IOS

find my air pods

Are you concerned about losing the fancy Air pods of your Apple iPhone? Then do not worry because Apple is always on your back and assists its users. IOS 110.3 is available to download. The beta developers have included a new feature known as Find My Air Pods. This will ...

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How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac | Latest Method

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac Are you seeking ways to share great moments easily? Then taking a Screenshot on Mac will definitely help you out and we will share an easy method of How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac. You can take pictures directly from your ...

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How to Edit an iCloud Account Easily

icloud account

Do you want to edit information and account settings on your iPhone then Yes you have bumped to the right place. Let us guide you and tell you how to edit iCloud Account which is used for contacts application used on iPhone. Even though the process is simple and can ...

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How to Update iTunes on PC and Mac (With Pictures)

How to Update iTunes

iTunes is a famous application developed by Apple which manages media library, media player and online radio broadcaster. iTunes is used to download, manage and play all types of media which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes store. So to keep iTunes updated is very important in order to take ...

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How to Reset iPhone 7 Password

how to Reset iPhone

How to Reset iPhone 7 Password It is common to forget passwords, pattern or to face other associated problems with iPhone 7. Make sure to learn on how to reset the password when your iPhone 7 is locked. Many experts have introduced a variety of solutions plus have recommended having ...

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How to Restore iPhone Deleted Call History

How to Restore iPhone

Many iPhone users have to face the problems associated with their phone. The problems arise when they delete call history mistakenly and want it back to find a lost number. The case is entirely normal. Most importantly, we pick up a call from a random number and forget to save ...

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